Project develop by SIS. 

  • Do you need to digitize the photovoltaic park to become a smart microgrid?
  • Do you want to choose in what time to sell green energy and at the best possible price?

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SIS SA is an independant advisory/consultancy firm dedicated to low voltage microgrids.

Based on an smart, innovative and digitalized analysis & sizing tool, we provide support at all steps of a project, whatever the configuration, benefiting from our expertise in development and operation.

We cover Microgrids/ multi-assets microgrids :

  • requiring frequency stability
  • connected to the grid, but facing frequency constraints
  • off-grid, requiring local production assets, including frequency management

The main objective of the project is to analyze the current legal and technical barriers in the large-scale adoption of microgrids in Romania and to propose a technical solution that allows efficient control of a microgrid and integration into the national energy network. The project will develop intelligent equipment for microgrids, with integrated control and safe operation functions (configurable smart microgrid controller). This project comes to support energy developers and producers to use their investments more efficiently.


Name: Smart MicroGrid Controller (Smart µGC)
Contract: No. 505837/2020
Name of contact person: Gheorghe Florea
Role: Project Manager
E-mail: gelu.florea@sis.ro

Feb 2020 – Feb 2022


Optimal Balance Control

Efficient control

Integration with Power Transmission Grid


Stakeholders support


  • Reduction emissions by 61% for microgrid with intelligent controller
  • Collection, analysis and integration of stakeholder needs; KPI preparation
  • A development methodology to find the best solutions for implementing microgrid intelligent control
  • Consulting, development and maintenance services for intelligent control microgrid communication controller, Smart µGC.