About us


SIS, founded in 1990, imposes itself as one of the most important providers of solutions and services in the field of industrial automation is able to offer the following services: engineering, overall and detailed design, consulting, research and software development, maintenance through Remote Control Center – system for remote monitoring of safety & security applications, Asset management – system monitoring, programming, maintenance of equipment and installations within the installations, Energy efficiency – starting from the needs of electricity, fuel and other utilities, we propose procedures and strategies meant to reduce costs, implementation or outsourcing for DCS, ESD, SCADA, PI, MES solutions , PLC, RTU, OPC, flowmetry.


  • Do you want to customize certain algorithms for energy efficiency and propose solutions to increase your income?


         Write us an email on sis@sis.ro to our specialist engineer and I will guide you with free consultation.



SIS SA is certified to design and execute projects at optimal parameters, with the following approvals: ISU (fire-detection and extinguishing) IGPR (burglary), INSEMEX_GANEX (environments with explosion risk), ANRE (electrical low voltage).


The target groups for our project 

Renewable energy park developers
Strategic utilities of local government: hospitals, airports, military units, metropolitan transport
Owners of civil and industrial installations: data center, hospitals, office buildings, shopping centers that will be interested in developing their own microgrid
Municipalities that will be interested in implementing microgrid islands to reduce dioxide emissions and support a smart approach to the city.


Is Project Manager and guarantee an effective management of the project for both scientific and administrative aspects

Ph.D Oana Chenaru

(Head of Research, Development & Software Implementation Department)

For the position of Technical Manager, she coordinate technical activities for the best results and deliverable.

Ph.D Luiza Ocheană


As Design Manager, she will be responsible to identification and assessment, algorithms and strategies for energy efficiency.

Ec. Andreea Ghineţ

(Quality Control Manager)​

With her rich experience as Control and Financial Management, she supports the financial, risk and reporting activities.