Dissemination materials

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Activity 1. External Consultancy for SMEs

D. 1.1 Technical expertise report [completed] 

D. 1.2 Legal expertise on microgrid operation report [completed] 

D. 1.3 Web site [completed]

D. 1.4  Methodology for microgrid design report [completed] 

Activity 2. Research, Development and Innovation

D. 2.1 Methodology for microgrid design report [completed] 

D. 2.2 Control algorithms and strategies development report [completed] 

D. 2.3 Controller architecture and specification report [completed] 

D. 2.4 Remote platform development for modelling and simulation [completed] 

D. 2.5 Microgrid pilot use case design and development [completed] 

D. 2.6 Purchase of equipment [completed] 

D. 2.7 Contractual research [completed] 

D. 2.11 Dissemination activities [completed] 

D. 2.12. Presentation of project results at leading national and international scientific conferences (IEEE, IFAC etc.)[see HERE details] 

D. 2.13 Publication of project results in peer reviewed journals (IEEE) [see HERE details]

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