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To meet the requirements of communication standards, protocols and DSO/DOE, the microgrid must be able to connect/disconnect quickly from the National Energetic System in case of external failures from the EPS, maximum battery charge and the closing price (Demand Response) so as to achieve a unitary system in a collaboration with Siemens. 

We will develop control algorithms and strategies for microgrid control, vertical communication and coordination between microgrids including various challenges and applications.

The most important interoperable and flexible components, which we develop is performed microgrid controller logic. Planned islanding  is initiated by the  operator, and the microgrid controller executes load and  generation management functions.

The image shows some basic elements of the configuration: analog and digital controllers and the I/O interfaces required to interconnect the controllers.

The microgrid control system implements rapid control functions with commercially available protection relays, scalable components for resynchronization/ reconnection. 

Microgrid controller can be interconnected with another SIS product, PH Center from where SIS operators can intervene on the equipment in system in the event of a breakdown to minimize losses. [Details here]



The software for the controller will be modular, the specific architecture will be generated automatically based on the configuration procedures performed by IEC 61131-3 the production engineer. SIS will develop the strategies and communication. An operator interface will be developed based on PcVue SCADA software, that will be able to work with  remote platform for modeling and simulation, operated by one of our specialists. 

Development of controller strategies and algorithms will be based of the simulation with an integrated microgrid controller and protection relays. These procedures will be helpful for development, validation and testing of the microgrid connected to smart microgrid controller, including control modes and particularly unplanned islanding.



  • Consulting and Design 
  • Software development
  • Control System development 
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Remote control management
  • Microgrid Design
  • Remote support and optimization services


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