The project aims to boost the increase number of microgrid systems implemented at national level, supporting sustainability in the use of green technologies by increasing efficiency in local energy production and use, facilitating direct transactions between production and the consumer. This should reduce the load on the transmission lines, increasing the operational safety and microgrid energy efficiency.

general objectives

  1. Contribute to the creation of a sustainable future that promotes quality of life, financial prosperity, innovative ideas and technologies, while respecting and protecting natural resources.
  2. To be a leader and promoter in Romania in the field of energy conservation, energy efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and use of renewable resources.
  3. Promoting awareness, education and public support of sustainable practices through the development of deliverable communities.
  4. Promoting energy conservation and sustainable development practices of municipal health, transport, education and spatial planning for this strategic area.
  5. To promote economic development and the trained workforce in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries.
  6. Promote mitigation and adaptation to environmental changes addressing public health and safety, infrastructure, economic and environmental issues.
  7. To facilitate the transition to smart grid technology and renewable energy infrastructure, designed to increase energy efficiency and reliability.


On medium term, SIS will use this expertise as an advantage to be involved in the development of smart microgrid projects and the provision of a smart microgrid controller, including all associated services. On the long temp, we expect to develop asset management solutions, including maintenance, services, to be sold to microgrid owners or operators. This will contribute to the sustainability of the project.

Activity 1. External Consultancy for SMEs

1.1 Technical expertise

1.2 Legal expertise on microgrid operation

1.3 Purchase of web site services

Activity 2. Research, Development and Innovation

2.1 Methodology for microgrid design

2.2 Control algorithms and strategies development

2.3 Controller architecture and specification

2.4 Remote platform development for modelling and simulation

2.5 Microgrid pilot use case design and development

2.6 Purchase of equipment 

2.7 Contractual research

2.8 Project management

2.9 Risk management

2.10 Monitoring of Dissemination & communication plan

2.11 Dissemination activities

2.12. Presentation of project results at leading national and international scientific conferences (IEEE, IFAC etc.)

2.13 Publication of project results in peer reviewed journals (IEEE)


The Smart MicroGrid Controller (Smart µGC) project approach is oriented towards the development and demonstration of a design methodology that allows the control, interconnection and integration of microgrids in the main network. 

The Smart µGC project will lay the foundations for the microgrid pilot. This will be built using new technology with his brain based on a smart controller that developed by the SIS SA company, with new and innovative functions and performances.


“Smart Micro Grid Controller <Smart-µGC>” project is funded through “SME’s Growth Romania” program, focus area “Green Industry Innovation, Blue Growth and ICT” under contract no. 2020/505837, concluded with Innovation Norway as operator of the program.

The total eligible expenses of the project are 263225 euros, of which the Romania Innovation EEA grants  is  115000 Euros and  the value of the co-financing is 148225 euro.

The duration of the project implementation is 24 months.